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Technology-A.jpgAt Mini-Tankers, embracing innovation and keeping pace with industry changes is important to us. A significant amount of time and resource has been invested in ensuring that the needs of our customers are addressed using the latest technological advances.

Technology-B.jpgWe have the ability to understand your business and your requirements. We want to work with you to provide the best possible solution for your business.

A key component of our ability to offer the best solution is our on-board computer system. This is essential to capture data directly from the electronic fuel pump at the time of delivery. It also identifies specific equipment; making consumption monitoring and management much easier.

For most companies refueling is a significant business expense which demands to be managed efficiently and effectively. Mini-Tankers operate systems and services which will help you take control.

The capabilities of our on-board computers include:

  • Detailed dockets produced at the time of delivery showing the docket number (which also appears on your invoice from Mini-Tankers), date and delivery time, driver’s name, your customer number, delivery location, your purchase order number (if supplied or required), and details of non-diesel products (lubricants, grease, grease guns, oils, paints etc).
  • Dockets also show the quantity of diesel fuel supplied to each specific unit of equipment. All our fuel meters are calibrated annually in accordance with the Weights and Measures Act.
  • The ability for cash sale customers to be provided with cash sale invoices showing GST details, cents per litre and the fuel quantity supplied.
  • GPS technology that monitors and manages our fleet performance. Details captured include vehicle speed, locations and location history.

The key to our success has been working with our customers to find the best solution for them. We drive the technology rather than the technology driving us.