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 Roddy Wood

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The Christchurch earthquakes forced a major career change for me. Prior to that event I had been involved firstly as a professional polo player and in latter years as a team and club manager where I was only in NZ for the summer season. The earthquakes necessitated my return to NZ full time to support my family members and so I needed to get employment in a new field.

Getting into the transport industry was straight forward to me as I already had a truck and there was a big demand for extra trucks to take rubble away from the demolition sites throughout the city.

I enjoyed this new industry and so went on and brought a couple of additional upgraded trucks and as the demolition side of things has slowed up we have become involved with delivery of aggregates to the rebuild and taking away spoil from the new building excavations.

I heard about the changes that were going on with Mini Tankers and applied to become the new Zee for the Christchurch area as I felt this would be a good fit from my existing business and an opportunity to grow in the transport industry.