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Wanganui Manawatu

Neil Benton

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Neil's life has been a journey.  He first started out at New Zealand Breweries as a Lab Technician before moving on to do his OE in Australia and South America.  Upon his return, Neil decided he wanted to give Dairy Farming a go, he stuck it out for 24 years.

Neil decided to buy his own herd and worked hard for another 20 years before deciding to sell up and move on to his new venture where he bought a milk distribution business.  After 5 years of being in the milk distribution business, he sold up and drove for Vulcan Steel. 

After a few years Neil decided he wanted to teach agriculture to pupils that were fresh out of school.  A few years of hair loss, Neil decided it was time to move on to another venture, and here he is now at Mini Tankers.

Neil looks forward to delivering your diesel refuelling requirements and ensuring you receive a happy, friendly, punctual service.