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Health, Safety, Security and Environmental Policy

At Mini-Tankers, a division of Z Energy Limited, we take personal responsibility for making health and safety a vital part of our business.

Health and Safety matters because in its essence, it is about the safety and wellbeing of people and our planet while sustaining the long term future of our business.

Zero Harm Workplace

One of the ways Z Energy demonstrates its commitment to a safe and healthy environment is through its promise to the Zero Harm workplace pledge.

The Zero Harm Workplace pledge undertakes we do everything we can to ensure:

  • We hold ourselves accountable before our peers by sharing our health and safety performance
  • Constantly improve our health and safety performance
  • Champion health and safety – inspiring our people, suppliers and customers to create Zero Harm Workplaces
  • Build workplaces which guarantee reported incidents will be investigated and action taken

Within Mini-Tankers our Health, Safety, Security and Environment (HSSE) Policy ranks equally with our other business objectives, and we all, management, staff, franchisees and operators, take HSSE very seriously. We actively use our training, knowledge and skills to promote health and safety and to protect the environment in everything we do.

At Mini-Tankers we:

  • Define standards; provide training and information in order to promote safe working practices and management of potential hazards.
  • Encourage healthy lifestyles with a view to preventing occupational illness.
  • Promote work methods, procedures and training in order to prevent accidental releases and spillages.
  • Work towards the progressive reduction of all other discharges to air, water or land in order to further protect the environment.

The team at Mini-Tankers strive for excellence in both business and HSSE initiatives in equal measure.