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Northland Rescue Helicopters

Before the Northland Emergency Services Trust (NEST) existed, people in Northland relied solely on the local ambulance service. However, given Northland’s twisty and windy roads and rugged terrain, a lot of the region is difficult to reach by ambulance.

In 1988, Northlanders realised they needed an alternative service, so a public meeting was called to find an affordable air ambulance solution. Within a month, the details were finalised and the Trust was formed with trustees from the St John ambulance service. 

Since then, NEST has gone from a single helicopter operation run during the summer months to a 24-hour service manned by a team of skilled pilots and paramedics. The fleet has increased over time to cope with burgeoning rescue demands – three Sikorsky helicopters now roam the sky, responding to the needs of Northlanders.

Last year the Northland Rescue Helicopters transported over 900 people to hospitals or medical facilities. On average, the Northland Rescue Helicopters are in the air three times a day.

James & Caitlyn Beazley - the Northland Mini-Tankers owner-operators and Northland locals - hold NEST close to their hearts. In less than a year alone, a Northland Rescue Helicopter attended to two separate incidents involving their close friends.

In one case, a friend of theirs in Kaitaia was driving from work with her son when they were hit by a drunk driver. The rescue helicopter was there waiting for her before emergency services had even finished cutting her out of the car! Fortunately, everyone survived but their friend did have to face a few months of hospital care before returning home. It is for this reason that they've decided to donate $1,000 to NEST to keep their life-saving services in the air. 

Donations and sponsorships are a vital source of revenue for NEST and they have received continued support from local businesses and individuals to keep the service community-owned the last 30 years. 

Help keep the emergency rescue helicopters in the air, supplying air ambulance services, medical flights and search and rescue services to Northland.

Find out how you can also get on board with supporting Northland Emergency Services Trust by donating. Or better yet - find some fun ways to fundraise with your workplace or local community!