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Bellyful Dunedin

Bellyful was 'born' out of the desire to see families supported by their fellow community members.

Raising newborn babies or young children struggling with illness is no easy task - especially for families who have little or no family or social support.

Bellyful cooks and delivers meals to those families, so that there is one less thing to worry about and the families can focus on what matters.

Testament to how valued Bellyful is in the Dunedin community is one example of a woman who received a Bellyful meal after her 1st child and was so impressed that she is now the secretary for Bellyful Dunedin and is heavily involved in everything they do.

Brent Goodsir - the Mini-Tankers owner operator for Dunedin - and his wife Keryn chose to back Bellyful and the great work they do in the Dunedin community by donating $1,000 towards their cause, as well as a $250 restaurant voucher as a way to recognise the time and effort given by the Bellyful Dunedin volunteers.

"$1,000 is massive for us and has made a significant difference to our ability to finance our ongoing efforts to provide meals to local families with newborn babies and young families dealing with illness that lack nearby support." - Chloe Hawken (Dunedin Branch Co-ordinator)


Volunteers prepare the food in a monthly 'Cookathon', freeze them and then deliver them over the next few weeks to families who are referred by health professionals, family, and friends 

Bellyful does not receive any government funding to provide meals to families, so they rely on the generosity of individuals and organisations. A number of local Dunedin businesses donate each month a large proportion of ingredients, but Bellyful are always in need of donations and are also currently looking for a mince sponsor.

If you too would like to donate to Bellyful so that they can continue to keep bellies full, why not visit their website here.